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During recording we use the most appropriate techniques for the type of instrument but also for the production context. We carefully choose the type of microphone to use and if requested, propose to the musician new ideas for interpreting the part.


In line with our artistic and technical profile we use latest generation plug-ins and analogue machines to manage this phase of production, allowing us to work on every single element of the piece, re-evaluating it in context to the artist's concepts.


In the last phase of the creative / musical process we take care not only of bringing the song to the right volume for transmission on VIA current online platforms (youtube, spotify, beatport) and phonograph supports (vinyl, CD) but also to preserve the mix, enriching it with new details and colors.


Service is dedicated both to artists who are looking for someone who can creatively and technically develop their ideas and to film or commercials directors for the creation of the right soundtrack or jingle to be coupled with the picture content.

Sound Design

We have a large AUDIO library of sounds and we can create BESPOKE EFFECTS from scratch to furnish films and video productions with noises, ambience and sound manipulation.

Audio/Video Post Production

The studio is organized to handle dubbing and synchronising work on films and commercials.

The Studio

About Us

SYNTHESIS RECORDING STUDIO was founded in 2013 with an approach that encompasses both historical analog recording methods and the new digital trends and technologies of modern music.

We are convinced there is no universal "right technique" but the "appropriate technique" for each stage of music production so we always develop our clients' projects by focusing on the art, creativity and emotions generated by the work itself. The "crossover" method of the studio reflects our musical influences from rock to electronica, hip hop to industrial, techno to pop.

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Equipment Specification

  • Hard Disk Recording System on computer

  • Mac
  • Software host

  • Protools 11 e 12
  • Ableton 10 Suite
  • audio/midi interfaces and converters

  • Antelope Orion Studio
  • Antelope Pure 2
  • Motu Midi Express
  • Monitor signals

  • Amphion one 18
  • Focal solo 6
  • Mic Preamp

  • Antelope Orion
  • Universal audio 2-610
  • Outboard

  • Dangerous 2 Bus
  • Universal audio 1176
  • Bettermaker Mastering Limiter
  • Bettermaker C502V
  • TK-Lizer 500
  • Elysia karacter 500
  • Synthesizers

  • Moog Sub 37
  • Moog Mother 32
  • Elektron Machinedrum
  • Elektron Analog 4
  • Roland 626
  • Microphones

  • Sound production's software and audio plug-in
  • Neumann km184
  • Akg c 414 b-uls
  • Audix d6
  • Audix d2
  • Audix d4
  • Audix i5
  • Shure sm 57
  • Braingasm Lab
  • Sound Production's Software and Audio plug in

  • Native instrument komplete7
  • Universal Audio UAD
  • Waves v9
  • Slate Digital Full Bundle
  • Brainworx
  • Ozone 8
  • headphones

  • Beyerdynamic dt770 pro
  • Sony mdr7506
  • Akg K141
  • studio batteria
  • studio casse e microfono
  • studio musicale

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VSX00 Drdrdrdrdr

aborym Something for nobody Vol.2

Scar Polish – Protein Coated Sadness

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Lost Dogs Laughter – Go Away

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Lost Dogs Laughter – Sweeter Reaction

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Mekansm – In Motion

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Mira – Butterflies

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Bez Yorke – (Do)

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Workshop di Sintesi Modulare

Attenzione!!POSTI ESAURITI!!!Grazie a tutti per l'interesse dimostrato.Stiamo lavorando per proporre nuovi… Pubblicato da Synthesis Recording Studio su Giovedì 24 gennaio 2019


Masterclass Mix in the Box

19/01/2019 MASTERCLASS – Mixing in the box Un grazie a tutti i partecipanti ed un ringraziamento particolare al docente Aki Bergen & Richter 🙏Ci vediamo presto…Per rimanere aggiornati sui nostri eventi seguici su:- : Synthesis Recording StudioInstagram: Synthesis Recording Studio Pubblicato da Synthesis Recording Studio su Lunedì 21 gennaio 2019

News chitarra

Questo è uno scatto che racchiude per noi bellissime vibrazioni..

è ciò che ci resta di visivo di una giornata di Recording accompagnata dal suono di questa fantastica amica.. Ringraziamo di cuore FB woods instruments per deliziarci con questi bellissimi oggetti sonori.. Ci vediamo presto per nuove emozioni!


Nuovi pannelli acustici per la nostra regia.

Una buona regia di Mix e Mastering parte da una buona acustica dellastanza. Pubblicato da Synthesis Recording Studio su Mercoledì 10 ottobre 2018


I nostri ascolti.

Testing the new soundsystem.Amazing Amphion Loudspeakers ltd.Crazy Focal❤️ Pubblicato da Synthesis Recording Studio su Lunedì 8 ottobre 2018


È stato un po' come entrare nell'armadio di Narnia...
Il passaggio da un marciapiede cittadino ad una regia di uno studio di registrazione e Mastering è stato magico!
Consiglio a tutti di visitare questo luogo. Ottima control room!!Paolo Fattorini


I love working at Synthesis studios because aside from the staff's fastidious engineering skills, they are all incredible technician with a fn great taste so you can’t phase 'em with any technical or aesthetic request. Synthesis rules because they have such extensive scientific and experiential understanding of the equipment and machines. I feel at home there.Fabban (Aborym)

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